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Our dental clinic is fully equipped to provide our patients maximum comfort.

We offer high quality services in all areas of dentistry.

Oral surgery

Routine tooth extraction
Complicated tooth extraction
Surgical tooth extraction
Impacted tooth extraction
Resection of the root tip
Nivelation of the ridge
Surgical therapy for paradonpathy
Inserting artificial bones

Dental prosthetics

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
Cast extensions
Non-metal crowns and bridges
Temporary crowns and bridges
Fiberglass extensions
Acryllic partial bracers
Skeletal partial brcers
Bredent attachments
Full bracers
Mini implants for bracers

Aesthetic dentistry and endodotnics
Inoffice ZOOM whitening
NightWhite overnight teeth whitening
Highly aesthetic white fillings
Composite inlay, onlay
Teeth treatment
Apex locating
Machine root canal processing

Children's and preventive dentistry
Teeth fluorization
Filling fissures
Repairing baby teeth
Extraction of baby teeth
Removing soft tissues
Removing calcium deposits
Removing concretements
Parodontal pockets treatment

Digital radiography
Digital orthopantomograph
Digital profile scan
Digital sinus scan
Digital jaw joint scan

Allow us to let our services speak of us!

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