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Carpet cleaning Pancevo

Address: 68c Srbijanska st., Pancevo
Viber: 065/337-10-06
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In business since: 2008.
Distance from the city center of Pancevo: 2900 m

Carpet service Vanja has successfully been in business for 17 years offering you professional, machine cleaning and washing all kinds of carpets and other soft floor surfaces at best prices.

We also provide safe pickup and delivery for carpets in Pancevo

Every day we carry all sorts of filth into our home from outside, which in combination with moisture sticks to carpets and other fiber.

This kind of dirt is difficult to clean using classic washing methods and can cause carpet decay as well as various health and allergy problems. 

In order for your home to be always clean and tidy, our carpet service Vanja offers machine washing for all types of dirt, by thoroughly treating the very base of the fiber. 

This type of means that we use are professional and not harmful to your health or the environment, while making your carpets spotless and pleasant-smelling.

Carpet service Vanja owns a carpet drying chamber which utilizes the latest devices for drying and drawing out all moisture.

Drying in a chamber lets us give your carpet back clean, washed and dried at any time of the year, independently of the weather conditions.

We also pick up and deliver your carpet back in the shortest possible time.

After washing at the service, your carpets will be clean, fragrant and safe for you and your loved ones.

Our kind and professional staff is always at your disposal and the highe quality services recommend us to a large number of our clients with whom we've had a successful cooperation. 





CARPET SERVICE VANJA, 68c Srbijanska st., Pancevo
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