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    Auto school Pancevo

    Address: 8 Svetog Save st., Pancevo

    Auto BMS Safety motor traffic
    Our work is valued excelled for 16 years in the municipality of Pancevo in which we find ourselves, and in the whole southern Banat, and the enthusiasm with which we work and experience we have to make and develop and become better.
    Auto BMS has a single objective that of its candidates to create safe drivers.
    The driving school BMS can get past the categories of vehicles:
    A1 engines up to 125 cm3 zaprmine engine and 11 kW power
    A2 engines up to 34 kw power without limits on the motor?
    A motor without restrictions on force or displacement
    B vehicles up to 9 seats 35oo kg maximum gross vehicle weight
    C trucks over 7500 kg maximum gross vehicle weight
    D buses over 16 seats