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    Auto school Loznica

    Address: 115 Kneza Milosa st., Loznica

    We measure the jorney to your driver's license in steps and the journey beyond in kilometers.

    Step with us into the world of traffic.

    We enable our candidates to operate motor vehicles in class B, C and CE categories.

    Under the watchful eye of our professional team which includes instructors and examiners you will be ready to independently take the wheel yourself.

    As a leader in Podrinje you can find us in four locations:

    - Ljubovija, main bus station
    015/560-420, 065/33-999-52

    -Krupanj, 2 Zice Markovica street
    015/871-541, 065/33-999-53

    -Loznica, Stobeks business center
    015/871-541, 065/33-999-50

    - Mali Zvornik, 42 Ribarska street
    015/472-107, 065/33-999-51

    Our candidates who gain the testing driving license at our driving school can recieve safe driving training for free at the National driving academy.

    Possibility of payment in installments.