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    Specialist clinics Obrenovac

    Address: 212/2 Vojvode Misica st., Obrenovac

    Private ophthalmology clinic "Zdravo oko" began work in December 2018.

    Visit us and you'll be able to see our professionalism and kindness.

    Our goal is to gain your trust with our knowledge and service.

    We are aware that our greatest success lies with a happy and healthy patient.

    Our clinic provides the following services:

    - Full ophthalmology examination (frontal segment, measuring eye pressure, examining eye bottom)
    - Daily eye pressure curve
    - Testing your vision and prescribing a corrective diopter
    - Expanding the iris and determining objective diopter in cycloplegia
    - Systematic checkup for children and adults
    - Extracting foreign bodies from the eye
    - Testing the tear layer, dry eye testing - Schirmer, BUT
    - Testing color vision using the Ishikara table
    - Flushing tear ducts
    - Subconjunctival injections

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