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    Metalprocessing, metalworking Obrenovac

    Address: 11 Visnjica st., Krtinska, Obrenovac

    The main activity of our company is based on welding and locksmithing works.

    - Production
    - Setup
    - Sanation and repairs for energy
    - Devices and equipment under pressure

    The works usually take place on thermal power plants, petrol chemistry plants, locksmithing and welding workshops.

    This also includes works on hot water systems, setup and production of sub-stations.

    We also produce:
    - All kinds of metal constructions
    - Montage workshops
    - halls, storage rooms
    - welding and producing parts and pieces made out of aluminium and INOX
    - Renting all kinds of welding machines
    - We train new welders and help practicing ones improve their skills

    We train staff for free when we need employees in these departments.

    For the needs of other companies or individuals we ask that you call our numbers to discuss prices or get information on our education methods.