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    Gynecological offices Obrenovac

    Address: 139 Aleksandra Ace Simovica st., Obrenovac
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    - Specialized urologist examination
    - Stomach, pelvis and prostate ultrasound
    - Examination and ultrasound of the pelvis and prostate
    - Placing and replacing catheters
    - Testical ultrasound
    - Ophtalmology examination
    - Checkups
    - Examining the frontal eye segment
    - Fundus examination
    - Determining eyesight on non-dilated pupils
    - Determining eyesight on dilated pupils
    - Measuring eye pressure
    - Removing a foreign body under anesthesia
    - Dry eye testing
    - Conjunctivitis swab
    - Examination of a specialized gastroenterologist
    - Control checkups up to 15 days
    - Control checkups up to a month
    - Gastroscopy with examination
    - Colonoscopy with biopsy hp analysis
    - Color doppler of neck blood vessels (carotida)
    - Color doppler of leg and arm blood vessels.

    - Specialized surgeon examination
    - Utlrasound of the abdomen and pelvis
    - Stitching and attending minor and major injuries under local anesthesia
    - Removing beauty marks, virus warts, papiloma, skin tumours, surgically or using radiowaves with HP analysis in local anesthesia
    - Removing condyloma using radiowaves under local anesthesia
    - In-grown nail surgery under local anesthesia
    - Atheroma lypoma surgery under local anesthesia
    - Abdominal drainage - puncture
    - Biopsy with HP analysis under local anesthesia
    - Bursa surgery under local anesthesia
    - Fimosis surgery under local anesthesia
    - Frenula breve surgery under local anesthesia - frenulectomia
    - Incisia of the partial abscess, paronichiae under local anesthesia.
    - Bandaging and tending wounds
    - Bandaging and tenting decubitis wounds
    - Removing stitches
    - Infusions and other surgical interventions.


    - Specialist cardiologist examination and ECG
    - Ultrasound heart examination
    - Ultrasound cardiology ECG, heart ultrasound
    - ECG holter 24h with examination
    - Blood pressure holter 24-48h with examination
    - Control checkup up to 15 days
    - Up to 1month
    - Examination by a specialized endocrinologist
    - Treating thyroid gland disorder
    - Treating and monitoring diabetes
    - Endocrinologist and ultrasound examination
    - Control checkup up to 15 days

    - Examination by a specialist gynecologist
    - Colcoscopy examination
    - Examination and colcoscopic examination
    - Gynecology ultrasound
    - Pregnancy ultrasound
    - Gynecological examination and ultrasound
    - Breast ultrasound
    - Pap test and vaginal seretion
    - Cervixal and vaginal swab
    - Chlamydia, mycoplasm, urheaplasm
    - Cervix biopsy with HP analysis
    - Treating and removing changes in the cervix using radiowaves
    - Removing condyloma using radio waves
    - Incisia of the Bartolini gland under local anesthesia with bandaging
    - Applying spiral
    - Removing spiral
    - CTG records with a gynecologist's opinion
    - Examination, colcoscopy, gynecology ultrasound, Pap test and VS
    - Examination, colcoscopy, gynecology ultrasound, Pap test and VS and breast ultrasound
    - Foliculometry
    - Monitoring and guiding pregnancy

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