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Auto parts Obrenovac

Address: 60 Svetog Save st., Obrenovac

Car service “Roksandic” was founded in 1998 and since then has been working in servicing Renault cars.

We have years of experience behind us, excellent employees and many satisfied customers.

Since 2015, our car service Roksandic has become the certified MOTRIO distributer and servicer.

The brand MOTRIO is a part of Renault-Nissan corporation and offers a full program of spare parts and oils for all their vehicle and as such is recommended for part installation in these brands outside the warranty period.

Obtaining computer information on each vehicle individually allows us to have insight into the condition of the vehicles and offers additional security to the clients.

For all purchased and installed MOTRIO parts at our service, you will get a year of guarantee with a receipt issued after repair.

Working hours:
Workdays: 9AM – 5PM
Saturdays: 9AM – 2PM

ROKSANDIC LTD, 60 Svetog Save st., Obrenovac
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