Address: 29 Petra Konjovica st., Curug
Novi Sad Phone: +381 64 931 02 09
Phone 2: +381 21 833 042
4/ 5stars

Winery Botic (Pearl) there since 1991.
At the entrance to Čurug, on the main road, there are signs that will take you right to our winery.

Our vineyards cover an area of about 3 hectares.
This is where the famous wines, some of which are:

* Frank
* Merlot
* Suvinjon
* Chardonnay

From a wide variety of awards sculpt:

- 2003, 2004, recognition of the Novi Sad Fair in the form of a silver medal for white wine Suvinjon
- 2012 wine competition knights in Novi Sad where our Rose wins second place

Do not deny yourselves the SATISFACTION - TRY OUR WINE!