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Production of equipment for catering and textile products for the furnishing of hotels, clubs, restaurants, spas and hospitals. The monarch's activities: production work uniforms pullover uniforms for catering < / em> catering equipment advertising shirts advertising T-shirts uniforms for employees linen for hotels , < em> tablecloths waiter aprons towels , <em > dressing gowns . Monarch Inc company next production equipment for the catering industry and uniforms for offers the following services: designing, making connections, or print your logo, and the delivery of desired products at your desired address. Production working uniforms , making T-shirts advertising and Catering Equipment , represent a complete servant, which each company will be pleased. PRODUCTION WORK UNIFORM monarch offers its clients forking uniforms (for employees) as well as design solutions uniforms for in various industries. In this way, clients will be saved precious time, achieved effective solution, because the design services offered by qualified persons, and accelerated the production process. Only in using specialized software to design professional clothes and working uniforms , promotional T-shirts , advertising shirt <strong > equipment for caterers . Software for 3D modeling provides customers constant access to course registration uniforms for employees and all requests for changes to run automatically. From the production will come out business suits produced and designed exactly as you envisioned for your restaurant. Models advertising shirt and promotional T-shirts are proposed by purpose it should serve, but the final choice is yours. Advertising shirts and pullover are made of quality materials that are specifically applicable. If you need manufacturing uniforms for summer shirts shirts and pants are made from lightweight materials that let your skin to breathe and in the warmest days. If the client needs winter business suits shirts shirts < / strong> and pants is sewn from materials that preserve body heat and not allow the skin to sweat. Large selection of colors, patterns and models of female and male working uniforms , as well as advertising shirt and promotional T-shirts will satisfy all tastes and requirements. We meet all our customers in every way, so we offer a discount for larger quantities, and a flexible method of payment. Design a complete business suits and equipment for catering includes the redesign and maintenance uniforms . Time maintained with customers by offering delivery services working uniforms for employees , advertising shirt , promotional T-shirts and Restaurant Equipment desired address. All our products are guaranteed. We work with reputable shops that offer links to the press. With our high quality materials, uniforms your employees will get an authentic and unique look. In addition, advertising shirts, promotional shirts and pants the monarch production not only Goggles - a modern cut, subtle embroidery and ease of material is an ideal combination, even for everyday clothing. Also, the occupation are Monarch includes: production waiter aprons, jackets and shirts general cooking . advertising suits for sports clubs and for hotels, spas and hospitals offer a range of services: bathrobe production, production of working coats, table cloths, gowns and pharmacy pants, towels, bedding, curtains. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT OF CATERINGAll you need a cafe or a club, restaurant or hotel to equip the summer garden or interior design, the Monarch will develop well and fast. Monarch does offer the following production equipment for catering:

  • Making stool, garden chairs
  • Making chair of the sponge
  • Making cover chairs
  • Making lazy bag's < li> Making curtains, draperies and decorative pillows REFERENCES Monarch offers its clients services: making uniforms for design solutions working uniformsfor various activities. Clients save precious time, and include effective solution to speed up the process of production, for design services and preparation of working uniforms offer a professional person. Many cafes and clubs, restaurants, hotels, famous brands and many institutions and ministries have elected monarch as an important business partner in the right way is their offer. See reference list:


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