Agricultural pharmacies Gornji Milanovac

Address: 11 Zeleznicka st., Gornji Milanovac

Agro Vid Agricultural Pharmacy, located at Železnička bb Street in Gornji Milanovac, offers a wide range of products to agricultural producers:

- Plant protection products from leading manufacturers
- Plant nutrition products (mineral, organic, and foliar fertilizers)
- Seeds and planting materials
- Animal feed
- Greenhouse films, covering films, mulch films, agrotextiles, all types of bags (PP, PVC, NTC)
- Tractor and other tires
- Agricultural equipment - trimmers, mowers, pumps, sprayers, and agricultural tools
- Protective equipment - boots, gloves, masks, ...

You can always receive expert advice on agriculture from us.

AGRO VID, 11 Zeleznicka st., Gornji Milanovac
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