Address: 11 Jovana Djordjevica st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 557 707
Phone 2: +381 21 310 59 63
Phone 3: +381 64 429 66 24
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Specialist Practice Bonadea founded in 2003 and by 2006 it has grown into a clinic . It is located in the center of Novi Sad , at Jovana Djordjevic number 11 The clinic can perform specialized examinations in a number of areas such as urology , gynecology and obstetrics , internal medicine , cardiology , gastroenterology , immunology , nephrology, endocrinology , neurology , and general surgery , oncology , vascular and plastic .

Also, the clinic Bonadea can be performed ultrasound and Doppler blood vessels , in a fast and easy manner, without time spent scheduling and waiting for the results . The road to faster healing time is shorter for the diagnosis , which will help in the clinic Bonadea , modern medical equipment , professional team certainly provide .


The clinic Bonadea can perform the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures :

Treatment of prostate disease
Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
Problems with urination ( frequent or difficult urination )
Kidney and urinary tract
Treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the urinary tract and external genitalia
Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the urinary tract and genital


As part of performing a urology - and urological surgery :

Prostate biopsy guided by ultrasound
Circumcision ( circumcision )
Incineration of genital warts ( warts )
Removing the tumor from the bladder
Removal of polyps of the urethra


In a comfortable and functional surgical theater, equipped with all the necessary medical equipment can perform surgery in the field :

General Surgery
Vascular surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
See more information on surgical procedures performed in the Clinic Bonadea , on the side of surgery.

Regular preventive controls and gynecologist visits is a basic concern about women's health . The clinic Bonadea can be done following gynecological examinations :

Diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy
Pap test
Taking swabs ( for bacteriological analysis , Chlamydia , Mycoplasma , Ureaplasma , Human Papilloma Virus- HPV)
Treatment of all types of benign and malignant tumors of female genital organs
Ultrasound examinations abdominal and vaginal probe
Review and breast ultrasound
gynecological endocrinology
Irregularities of the menstrual cycle
Protection against unwanted pregnancy
Colposcopy - tracking changes and ulcers of the cervix

Gynecological interventions with Analg - sedation

Cervical biopsy , or uterine mucosa
explorative curettage
Removal of genital warts ( genital warts ) in women


In the part of internal medicine in the clinic Bonadea can be done reviews from the following specialties :


Specialist based on the review assessed the health status of patients and, if necessary , perform additional diagnostic methods: Ultrasound - Echocardiography , Color Doppler , ECG , Holter ECG and Holter pressure ( TA) , laboratory analysis . Enabled the measurement of spirometry and ultrasound carotid TCDVB basin and Willis polygon .