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Laboratories Smederevo

Address: 89a Knez Mihajla st, Smederevo
Viber: 065/263-10-85
Whatsapp: 065/263-10-85
In business since: 1991.

The first private clinic in the city with a tradition of 26 years. Polyclinic DJORDJEVIC - founder Dr. Bozidar Djordjevic, the owner of Dr. Ljiljana Djordjevic transfusion specialists and specialists in clinical biochemistry. Internal examinations are conducted by Dr Boban Stojanovic, Ratibor Dr. Biljana Petrovic and Dr. Nedaković. In laboratory Djordjevic clinic can do a complete analysis labaratoriske the most modern devices. We are located 200m from the hospital, Knez Mihailova 89a Smederevo The professional team on a daily basis performing complex tasks of diagnosis and treatment of patients with areas of Smederevo, Kovin, Grocka, Pozarevac ... Our core business internist examination followed by ultrasound and complete laboratory tests. Som-established procedure capable of a relatively short time gain insight into the patient's medical condition and take proper care procedures. Inspections are carried out in full comfort, in one place and court dates. Examinations by ĐORĐEVIĆ CLINIC: INTERNAL REVIEW (complete clinical examination, with ECG and spirometry, if necessary - functional examination of the lungs). INTERNAL CONTROL REVIEW (clinical examination with ECG 1-2 months after initial examination). INTERNAL CONSULTATION (less clinical examinations for the control treatment). Post your (internist examination with ECG,and complete a comprehensive diagnostic ultrasound - thyroid gland, blood vessels, heart, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, urinary bladder, prostate ...) REVIEW OF ENDOCRINOLOGY SUMMARY OF CARDIOLOGY (HEART with ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY) HOLTER ECG (heart monitor 24 hours of computer processing and final report). Color Doppler (neck blood vessels, arteries and veins, arteries, arm). ULTRASOUND (all soft tissues of the neck, thyroid, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, bladder, prostate, breast, uterus and ovaries, pregnant women, newborns hips). Gynecological examination (ultrasound examination, colposcopy, pap smears). Urological examination (inspection, ultrasound) Laboratory POLYCLINIC DJORDJEVIC - Hematology, Coagulation - BIOCHEMISTRY - HORMONES - TUMOR MARKERS - Urine test (microbiology, swabs, urine culture).

POLYCLINIC DJORDJEVIC, 89a Knez Mihajla st, Smederevo
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