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Due to sedentary lifestyles there are many problems : obesity , back pain, spinal deformity , more problems with cardiorespiratory system . Our goal is to make this life better by making you move .

Trainings are designed to make you move more , perform complex movements that activate more muscles , improve your flexibility , strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower back .

You also have the opportunity to spend quality time with your children . In fact we have a program where you practice with your child where you can strenghten your relationship , get to know your child in a special way and at the same time be doing something for yourself and your body .


functional training

Training at which develops strength , stamina , improves balance and core . All this is achieved with the help of various equipment such as TRX , the TRX RIP Boss balancer , rope climbing , rope- a battle , free weights , expanders , pilates balls and many others. Training is high intensity , but can be adapted to all and recommended to all.


High intensity interval training , as its name suggests - high intensity interval training - training to develop stamina and strength. We use an interval method , or do the exercises at a given time . Exercises with whom you will meet on this training are combinations of jumps , sprints , push-ups , Burpee 's, lunges , squats .

New Shape

The program is intended for people who wish to lose weight . In addition to the training clients receive advice on proper nutrition and help doctors and specialists in the field. Training is of medium intensity and is also good for people
you just start with physical activity in preparation for more intensive programs .

Fit Together

Training for children and parents together . Way of life and the times in which we live does not leave us a lot of free time, which often leads to having to choose whether to take the child to practice or you will train . We all know that choice , of course, baby!

From now on, it does not have to be that way. You have the opportunity to practice , work on his fitness with your child together . Connect beautiful and useful!


Its aim is the union of mind , body and spirit. It helps us to become aware of your posture and movements . Yoga makes us razgibanijim , mobile and allows us to relax even in the most stressful situations . Improves form , giving us more energy , a feeling of happiness and serenity. Net weight is used as the main load . Emphasis is placed on the transition from one attitude / position to another .


Composition of stretching and strength, and strengthens the muscles , correct posture, giving us flexibility and balance . Relieves back pain , helps recover from injury and prevent recurrence of injuries . Pilates involves the whole body and the person to exercise progress .


The Brazilian martial art , but also much more than that. Capoeira is defined as a manifestation of Brazilian culture medium because it contains , in addition to the aspect of the fight , and contains music , acrobatics , history. Capoeira is a way of life .

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