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Address: 11-13 Bulevar Oslobodjenja st, Novi Sad
Viber: 063/535-650
Whatsapp: 063/535-650
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In business since: 03.11.1995.

DT KODEN company from Novi Sad, one of the largest importers of steel and aluminum panels in local and surrounding markets. The origin of the material is Italian.

Together with our collaborators, we are emerging as a general contractor facilities of domestic and foreign investors. Depending on the project requirements, the size of objects ranges from a few hundred square meters up to a few thousands, even tens of thousands of square meters.

Possibilities of application materials from our program are multiple:

- Construction
- Construction of all types of commercial and industrial buildings
- Warehouses, sports halls, chambers, cold storage, dairy, kilns, slaughter
- Internal editing
- In the windowsills and door frames
- And a variety of other applications

Properties displayed on this site are just a small part of the reference list to DT KODEN. An integral part of our references are various facilities and numerous delivery of materials.

Number of companies who work with us are increasing day by day as we strive to be our advertising quality completed work and satisfied investors.

We hope that the very fast delivery of materials to our trucks, high-quality works are completed and the obligation to name and tell us to trust them become part of our reference list of satisfied investors.

The property of the company we have built a new industrial facility in Novi Sad - Reefer capacity of 2,000 tons, the remote location about 1.5 km from the highway Subotica - Novi Sad - Belgrade (Corridor 10).

The building has an area of 1.460 m2 divided into six identical chamber height of 6.5 m, complete with state of the art refrigeration and office equipment.

The facility has the ability-Mode operation, ie. operation of the required plusne temperature to - 22 º C.

A small part of the capacity controlled, for its own purposes, while the larger area for renting.
DOO DT KODEN, 11-13 Bulevar Oslobodjenja st, Novi Sad
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