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    Carpet cleaning Novi Sad

    Address: 17 Jovana Subotica st., Novi Sad
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    We are the carpet service "Twins" and we have been in this business for 20 years.

    Our business strategy from the very start has been founded on quality services and exclusively relied on recommendations from satisfied customers.

    We offer the following services:
    - Carpet washing
    - Furniture washing
    - Deep car washing
    - Maintaining business space
    - Windows washing
    - Cleaning stripe curtains

    The primary specialty of our service is the TWINS deep cleaning and quality maintenance for all kinds of carpets.

    We come to pick up your carpets at any address, regardless of the surface area.

    Our field crew will help you pack up your carpets.

    We give special benefits to businesses.

    Call us for more details on our listed phone numbers.


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