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Wholesale and clothes manufacture Novi Pazar

Address: 3 Salih Bega Rasovca st., Novi Pazar
Viber: 065/433-40-02
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In business since: 1985

Company CASABA Ltd. engaged in the sale of textiles, trade, catering and construction. The company was founded in 1985.

The main business sector of the company is selling clothing for adults: for men and women at great wholesale and retail chains, while the retail business exclusively in their retail stores. The average capacity is 40000 pieces.

Creating a sustainable advantage by integrating global standards of the market, taking the leading position in the market through a reliable wholesale textile business management, increase production capacity and improve their brands.


Long-term business knowledge, tradition, experience, effective management systems and business structure, manpower dedicated to our mission and vision, with ethical values, skilled and trained. Investment in maintaining and increasing the profitability of companies in the long term as well as creating a more respectable and reliable brand.

CASABA JEANS, 3 Salih Bega Rasovca st., Novi Pazar
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