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Textile, textile fabrics Ivanjica

Address: nn 13. Septembar st, Ivanjica
Viber: 063/658-081
Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
In business since: 2004.

STIL is a company which specializes in manufacturing the highest quality light confection:

- Production of men's shirts and
- Women's blouses
- A sewing men's shirts and blouses.

Consumers with a modern and above all quality garments thus giving a unique contribution to the overall customer satisfaction. The purpose of existence, operation and development of STIL is fulfilling a significant role in meeting the social needs of potential clients.

Business strategy development STIL based on cooperation with world-renowned fashion houses.

Good business relations with companies in Germany, Italy ...

We are ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, so please call and be assured of quality.

STIL, nn 13. Septembar st, Ivanjica
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