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    Vehicle registration and testing Novi Pazar

    Address: nn Stevana Nemanje st, Novi Pazar
    Fax +381 20 332 512

    The company was founded 10.01.1992. under the name of Slatina, which was changed 18/03/1998. in EUROTEST LTD

    The founder and owner of Ljubisa Mitrovic from Novi Pazar. The first activity of the company was trading in order to spread during the development of business and number of activities being conducted.

    It is mainly dealing in trade and transportation, both internal and international. We are registered with the Ministry of Capital Investments, and is licensed for international transport.

    The company operates under the technical control of vehicles.

    EuroTest provides transportation of goods by road with the respect of deadlines, the place of loading and unloading.

    Professional drivers are part of our team.

    At the technical inspection shall complete documentation for vehicle registration, insurance and transfer of ownership on the territory of Serbia.