Address: 10 Ratka Mladica st., Nova Pazova
Nova Pazova Phone: +381 22 325 053
Phone 2: +381 65 410 20 15
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Carpentry Badzo has been engaged in the production of PVC and aluminum since 1997.

Profiles with which we work are Rehau and ELITHERM, created according to German license.

With years of experience we have become experts in the full or partial glazing terrace via sliding system with the option of complete closure or opening of the terrace without barriers, as desired in various colors.

We also specialize in dismantling, assembling and finishing of the windows in the flats.

We offer our clients a variety of benefits as regards payments in the form of bank loans, payment checks, as well as special offers for corporate clients.

Working time:

Monday-Friday: 08h-16h
Saturday:           08h-16h
:            closed