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THN LOGISTIC- deals with moving and transportation of goods.

We transport the following goods:

- Building Materials
- Appliances
- Smaller machinery
- Old things

When it comes to moving, we offer the best professional services.

We transport anything ranging from single appliances to complete relocations of residential and commercial buildings.

The price of moving depends on several factors (number of floors, whether the building has an elevator, how many people are needed to move, etc ..)

Our recommendation is to first call us in for a free assessment of your move so that we can form a price together.

We do relocations while protecting your belongings, and guaranteeing safe transportation to your destination.

We dismantle and assemble furniture, cabinets and larger tables.

If you temporarily or for a longer period need space for your things, we offer storage space for storing things with the signing of a contract.

The most important thing for us is that you are a satisfied client who will recommend us further.

THN LOGISTIC, Nis st., Nis
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