Address: 3/1 Nikole Pasica st., Nis
Nis Phone: +381 18 248-465, +381 62 248-465

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From the offer of Professor LUKAC are: - PROFESSIONAL SHARPENING TOOLS hairdressers, tailors, butchers, carpentry, printing knives, surgical instruments - MAKING ALL TYPES OF KEYS patterns and locks for autobrave, security locks, cylinders - MAKING OF SPECIAL KEYS FOR: Mercedes, BMW, Opel, Ford, Toyota ... - MAKING coded keys - OPENING car locks - open car with no damage - AUTO LOCK REPAIR - MAKING THE STAMP - Computer engrave plates for doors, sports medals, watches and so on. - Offer a wide variety Chalice, SPORTS FIGURES, trophies, medals for all sports and competitions - VARIOUS TYPES OF SAFETY LOCK large selection of cylinders, door handles and other fittings, professionally install - LARGE SELECTION OF CHIEFS