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Address: 85a Bulevar Nemanica, Zone 2, ground floor, extension 11, Nis
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In business since: 1991.
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The latest dental methods and techniques are in use at the specialist dental office of Dr. Nadica Vucic, where each patient is approached individually, taking into account their specific wishes, needs, and possibilities.

From the first contact during the preliminary examination and consultation, through the treatment itself and up to the final recovery in our office, the patient always comes first.

Depending on the condition of the mouth, we offer several options, so that we can decide on the best one in consultation with the patient.

  • High quality dental service
    A beautiful and natural smile with correctly positioned teeth is not a special luxury or unattainable wish, but a generally accepted standard. New trends, as well as private and business reasons drive us to strive for perfection. Our dental team led by Dr. Nadica Vucic inspires confidence with their professional approach already after the first meeting.


  • We work within a study for aesthetic dentistry
    With twenty-seven years of practice, the dental team under the leadership of Dr. Nadica Vucic, operates from our modernly designed office in the heart of the city, with a parking space that facilitates access to patients.
  • Our philosophy
    Is focused on fulfilling the wishes and expectations of our patients as much as possible. Relying on many years of experience, we cooperate with top dental laboratories, using modern materials in our work, investing in constant education, and strive to reach the highest European standards in dentistry.



  We offer patients the following types of services:

  - Oral surgery

  - Aesthetic dentistry (aesthetic fillings, teeth whitening, dental jewelry)

  - Implantology

  - Orthodontics

  - Damon system - Orthodontics guided by facial appearance

  - Dental prosthetics

  - Periodontology

  - Orthopan

  - Family dentist

  - Children's dentistry

  - Health tourism


POLYCLINIC DR NADICA VUCIC, 85a Bulevar Nemanica,  Zone  2,  ground floor, extension 11, Nis
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