Address: 18 Kosovke Devojke st., Nis
Nis Phone: +381 18 428 70 10
4/ 5stars

We are located in the village Pantelej Pantelejska near the church. We offer a wide range of grilled dishes and also offer a line of grilled per kilogram at reasonable prices. The lowest prices in town. Thick juice 0.2l 50 din. Mineral water 0.5l 50 din. Guarana 0.25l 80 din. Coca Cola 0.5l 70 din. Fanta 0.5l 70 din. Hello juice 0.5l 70 din. Amstel beer 0.33l 80 din. Jelen beer 0.33l 70 din. Burger 100gr 60 din. Burger 200gr 100 din. Burger 250gr 120 din. Kebabs 5 pcs 200gr 100 din. Filled kebab 300gr 150 din. Gurman applause. 300gr 150 din. Liver 300gr 150 din. Home. Sausage 200gr 100 din. Dim. hanger 200gr 150 din. White hat 200gr 150 din. Charge. hanger 250gr 150 din. Chicken 200gr 150 din. Stuffed leg 300gr 150 din. Chicken 200gr 150 din. Chicken skewers 200gr 150 din. Pork skewers 200gr 150 din. PIGEON skewers 200gr 150 din. Barbecue Meat 1kg 450 din. Home. Sausage 1kg 450 din. Pizza PIGEON 200gr 50 din. PIGEON Toast 200gr 50 din. Bun 15 120gr din.