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Cevabdzinicas Nis

Address: 18 Kosovke Devojke st., Nis
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In business since: 03.03.2010.

 We are located in the Pantelej near the Pantelej church.

We offer you a great assortment of barbecue and we also offer barbecue orders per kilogram with affordable prices.

Lowest prices in the city.

Pulpy juice 0.2L 60rsd
Mineral water 0.5L 60rsd
Guarana drink 0.25L 90rsd
Coca Cola 0.5L 80rsd
Fanta 0.5L 80rsd
Hello juice 0.5L 80rsd 
Amstel beer 0.33L 90rsd
Jelen beer 0.33L 80rsd

Small patty 100g 90rsd
Middle sized patty 200g 150rsd
Large patty 250g 170rsd
Gourmet patty 300g 200rsd
Stuffed patty 300g 200rsd
Cevaps 5pcs 300g 200rsd
Pizza patty 300g 200rsd
Liver in sauce 300g 200rsd
Smoked sausage 200g 150rsd
White hanger 200g 200rsd
Stuffed hanger 250g 200rsd
Golub kebab 200g 200rsd
Pork kebab 200g 200rsd
Chicken drumstick 200g 200rsd
Chicken drumstick in sauce 300g 200rsd
Chicken breast 200g 200rsd
Chicken kebab 200g 200rsd

Pork kebab 200gr 180rsd
GOLUB kebab 200gr 180rsd
Barbecue meat 1kg 550rsd
Smoked sausage 1kg 550rsd
Flatbread 120gr 20rsd
Albanian salad 1 piece 30rsd

UR GOLUB, 18 Kosovke Devojke st., Nis
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