Address: 3 Nikole Pasica st., Nis
Nis Phone: +381 18 292 223
Phone 2: +381 18 292 222, +381 18 291 111
Phone 3: +381 65 290 22 22, +381 69 290 22 22
4/ 5stars

What is on the menu today?

This question is asked in homes around the world, every day, and the answer is usually predictable ...... La Strega will undoubtedly provide a resolution of the dilemma with its diverse assortment of flavors starting with appetizers and ending with dessert.

The group La Strega is there to offer them to you.

The key to removing the boring routine in the selection of daily meals may be our imagination.

La Strega is here for you to prepare a wide variety of carefully selected and tested flavors.

We confess. We'd steal! We'd steal openly and secretly and fine and rude.

We'd steal in Italy, France, Spain ....

We'd steal wherever we could and whatever we got.

But always we have the best and highest quality.

We're not just any restaurant ...

And, we're all a little upgrade and add some of their knowledge and skills.

We mix the new technology, tradition and proven tastes from around the world and created the La Strega.

Our products therefore have the Italian taste, the charm of Paris, look colorful south of Spain and heat views of our grandmothers that we always gave to lick the pan.

The company La Strega is here for you!

We are proof that life can be beautiful and tasteful.

Let's now a nice call and order to eat or we come to the guests.

One is a requirement!

Everything has to be eaten !!!

Too much effort and love invested there to something else on the plate.
UN Buon appetito!


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