Address: nn Kusadak, Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 64 970 86 89
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Firma flues Ceramic Mladenovac engaged in the production, as the name suggests, flues, refractory bricks and refractory sets and milled material of refractory scrap.

All our products have a certificate of quality.

For more information contact us via the above phone numbers.


The flues of round cross-section
The flue F-20 cm (length 33.3 cm) - price 195,00 din
The flue F-16 cm (length 33.3 cm) - price 180,00 din
The flue F-13.5 cm (length 33.3 cm) - price 160,00 din
- Packaging 60 pieces on a wooden pallet.
Connection to the boiler furnace
1. KA - RA-11 (connection for boiler F-20 cm, length 33.3 cm) - price 850,00 din
2. KA - RA-9 (connection for boiler F-16 cm, length 33.3 cm) - price 750,00 din
3. KA - RA-1A (connection for boiler F-13.5cm, length 33.3 cm) - price 550,00 din
- Packaging 48 pieces on a wooden pallet, and can by order.
Connection for cleaning door
1. KA - PA-2 (connection for cleaning F-20 cm, length 66.6 cm) - price 980,00 din
2. KA - PA-1 (connection for cleaning F-16cm, length 66.6 cm) - price 880,00 din
3. KA - PA-1A (connector cleaning F-13.5cm, length 66.6 cm) - price 770,00 din
- Packaging 24 pieces on a wooden pallet, and can by order.
Tervol rope
Tervol rope - the price of 18 dinars / m
Refractory set
Refractory set (3/1 šamotsko flour, a liter glass of water) -price 120 din / kom
Chamote bricks
Normal (Leavitt), measuring 250x125x65 - the price of 75.00 din
- Packaging 264 pieces on a wooden pallet, and can by order.

Payment method: Deposit.

If the bill exceeds 100,000 dinars, 30% of the total price to be paid within 60 days, while 70% must be paid immediately.

Terms of Sale: Prices are without VAT, ex-factory, loaded on a truck, packed on a wooden pallet, coated in stretch wrap.

The products have a certificate of quality according to JUS.U N4.020.