Address: 199 Kralja Petra Prvog st, Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 60 368 66 24
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After more than 15 years of experience in the construction trade, since 2007 successfully operate under the name of "DOT mobi".

The starting online sales, we wanted to improve the quality of service greater accessibility and facilitation when shopping, but also expand the marketing of products from renowned manufacturers outside the scope of our city.

From the first day we took over the business leadership in the sale of small home appliances in the field Mladenovca and its environment.

Popularity we have gained in previous years we earned extremely fair manner.

Thousands of satisfied customers is witnessed by our perseverance, precision and skill in business and in meeting the various needs of the user.

Long-term cooperation with more direct importers of technical goods in the territory of Serbia has allowed us to have a very competitive prices and a large selection of items that meet all customer needs.

If we add to a correct relationship with customers in the after-sales process and product warranties of 24/36 months and the successful cooperation with several authorized service centers, we get a very satisfied customer who we are happy to return and recommend us to their environment.

- Mobile and fixed phones and accessories for mobile phones
- Complete IT equipment, keyboards, mice, cameras, an headset
- MP3 players, car program (CD players, speakers)
- Cameras
- Wide range of batteries
- A complete service for all technical devices

On location in the street King Peter I 171 is our VIP-branded outlets.

Our work on this site is representative VIP mobile operator, complete with its branding, products and services for Mladenovac and the environment.

DOT mobi is the official representative of "VIP mobile doo" from arrival to Serbia this, the third mobile operator in 2007.