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    Plant pharmacies Mladenovac

    Address: Mladenovac st.
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    Lenka natural cosmetics were designed for sensitive skin and all those who care about the health of their skin. 

    Our magisters of pharmacy and pharmaceutical technicians have adjusted traditional recipes using their knowledge in pharmacognosy and with respect to pharmaceutical technologies in order to get products that suit the modern lifestyle. 

    The cosmetic products are produced in smaller series so that they’d always be freshly prepared when they get to the customer. 

    All products contain valid certificates. 

    Our products don’t contain any parabens, silicone, they weren’t tested on animals and have no GMO substances. 

    We are especially proud of our hemorrhoid salve, anti-hyperpigmentation cream, body butter and dwarf everlast cream which are now many of our customers’ daily routine. 

    We regularly update our Facebook and Instagram pages where you can find information about the pharmacies where you can get our products. 

    There is the ability of online orders via those pages. 

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