Address: 72/18 Kralja Aleksandra Obrenovica st., 1st floor, Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 823 78 11
Phone 2: +381 63 77 51 955
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"With a bright smile to a better life"

We are equipped with a comprehensive, holistic approach to patients in a pleasant atmosphere, offering modern programs and a wide array of dental services using the latest generation of materials.

Views of patients and all consultations are free.

Solutions Practice:

  * Oral Surgery
  * Implantation
  * Periodontology
  * Prosthodontics
  * Cosmetic Dentistry
  * Preventive Dentistry
  * Children's Dentistry
  * Hyaluronic fillers

In our office the health of your mouth and teeth care:

Dr. Goran Milosevic, spec. maxillofacial Surgery
Vesna Stepanović spec. prosthodontics
Nurse Danielle Tanasijević

Office Hours:

-Monday - Saturday from 12 to 18h

We care about you after hours, you come for the invitation.