Address: Mackat, Zlatibor
Mackat Phone: +381 31 3834160, +381 64 230-20-68, +381 64 135-31-36, Fax: +381 31 3834-128
4/ 5stars

When you come, pass through or stay in Zlatibor, come to MACKAT - at BAJO. Several hundreds of meters from the magisterial road Uzice - Zlatibor, lays the remarkable traditional architecture object, with a terrace, fields and large parking lot. You will be welcomed with traditional hospitality and domestic cuisine, food with a taste of old times: hot bread, domestic rakia, cheese and kajmak, ham and the famous lamb roast. While you sit on the terrace, relax and enjoy the scents and tastes of the Zlatibor region, both for relaxation and the soul. And when you soak in that energy, you are ready again to face the habits and problems of everyday life. HERE YOU DON'T DROP BY, HERE YOU COME TO ENJOY