Address: 2 Pasiceva st., Loznica
Loznica Phone: +381 15 892 415
Phone 2: +381 65 587 84 86
4/ 5stars

Store in the heart of the city with a garden which overlooks the center chamber.

We offer a luscious dishes of meat to light salads, pasta, pizza and our favorite dessert.

Surrender to the hedonism and the concept of good taste because it is a priority Good Times!

Mornings are reserved for first-class coffee and the morning meal, while lunch is a favorite time of day the true gourmets, a good evening with drinks and music.

The extension to which we are proud to pass unhindered through their business meetings, friendly conversations and romantic encounters.

"Good Times" is a place in which he falls in love at first sight, smell and taste.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri (07: 00h-24: 00h)

sub-Sunday (07: 00h-01: 00h)

For further information you can contact us by phone:

065 / 587-84-86 and 015 / 892-415