Address: 147 Bulevar oslobodjenja st., shop 6, ELU centar
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 260 683
Phone 2: + 381 63 453 774
Email: predrag.ant@ktmsystem.rs; office@ktmsystem.rs
Web: www.ktmsystem.rs
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KTM agency system was established in November 2009. with a view to spread and generously shared many years of experience with a modern approach to: - The project and investment - implementation of standards, - legal norms, - trainings and education of employees and employers. Our strength lies in a different approach with a wide range of services and a network of strategic partners exceptional references in the field: - design, - engineering, - safety and health at work - implementation of standards. The concept and meaning of our business is contained in the title: CONSULTING TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS KTM SYSTEM OBJECTIVE We believe that your idea can turn into a project, and he realized only if: ASK A GOOD CONCEPT educate People who should be implemented SMART → Manages and manage SYSTEM. KTM system is there to share the experience with the best possible concrete examples and suggestions, you advise, educate and direct to the point where you yourself take what belongs to you - your system to work. We strive to develop their business in, at first glance, two different directions: - Project management, - System Security Health at Work to implement the current standards. Thus, combined in one unit gives full meaning to our messages: YEARS WORK PLACE SAFE