Address: 97b Dubocica st., Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 223-031, +381 63 409-069

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Highway Traffic Amor was founded in 1960 in order to provide you higher quality service. During his many years of experience we have built an organized system of all funeral services. After receiving a call as soon as time we reach the desired adresu.TO APPLIES TO ALL CITIES IN SERBIA AND ABROAD! Our services encompass the following: - Transportation - Appointments funeral - print death notices - range of funeral equipment -arranging documentation -way you can provide us funeral orchestra, a vehicle for the funeral of the local cemeteries, ordered wreaths of artificial and fresh flowers. Boxes are made of quality wood. In the current offers over 20 models. We also have a large range of supporting equipment. All of our products we distribute throughout the country. In order to provide a minimum commitment at a difficult time, as part of our sales sites in Ul.Dubocica 97b. Come to us, each of your wishes will be fulfilled, yet these are the most difficult moments, when you understand a little difficult, so come and give us a call tell us what you are and how you would like. And that is where all to us! 50 years of tradition behind us, says enough about us.