Address: 2a Njegoseva st., Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 214-357 (fax), +381 65 89-82-699, +381 64 6440-282

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IMG Leskovac was founded 01.07.2002.  From then until today the company is constantly growing. Has extensive experience and business contacts with stable and reliable business partners that make up a solid foundation for the realization of ambitious, but realistic business plans. The company is engaged in IMG: * Construction works (construction) * Production and installation of metal structures and parts of structures * Production of construction joinery * building construction - craft works and adaptations of exterior and interior spaces (worldwide for violation of, painting ...) * Installation of metal joinery (windows, doors, shutters ...) * Building materials and timber and * Planning Company reputation is based on a large number of derivative works, proven quality and timeliness of all contractual obligations. Results to date are, in addition to a highly professional attitude to work, and achieved firm policy to constantly and unreservedly, to the advancement of engineering and a master of personnel, equipment and tools, developing new products and expanding our business scope.