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Priority activities of the company Gold Steel Hydraulics is the creation of machine tools for producing and processing raw materials into metal, wood and food industries. Equipment in our product range include hydraulic and pneumatic circuits controlled software for easier, more practical and safer handling in production and processing as well as greater efficiency in work. The firm Silver Steel Hydraulics provides service 24 / 7 for all your machines at their own expense within the warranty period, at the price of spare parts after the warranty period (no fee for defect inspection and installation). Besides this core business, the company Gold Steel Hydraulics to support producers and processors of various kinds of raw materials providing the required service of all hydraulic and pneumatic machines for processing and manufacturing, and repair of all the working machinery: excavators, ultova, forklifts, sticera etc. WOOD INDUSTRY - Spray Drying K-300 - Spray Drying K-12 - Chamber of steaming K-50z - Brent B-1100 - Chamber of steaming K-50g - Kratilica K-900 - Bansek B-900 - Vertical Briketirka B-300 METAL INDUSTRY - Line for making reinforcement mesh - Punktarica P-10 - Machine for drawing and cutting the IS-16 - K-12 Calibrator - Sekacica for cutting sheet S-300 - Savijačnica S-16 FOOD INDUSTRY - Planetary Mixer Food industry M-60 - Chopper S-500 OTHER - Planetary Mixer M-1.1 - Horizontal Briketirka B-250 - distillation of essential oils D-0.8 - Processor vakumirka with inert gas V-40