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    Car-body mechanics Lazarevac

    Address: 52 Janka Stajcic st., Sopici, Lazarevac

    We are the service that deals in car metalwork, paintwork and installing car glass.


    The best proof of our quality service are our many satisfied clients and years of work and experience.


    Our offer includes:
    - Repairing totaled vehicles (per pattern)
    - Selling car glass
    - Replacing car glass
    - Selling truck glass
    - Replacing car glass
    - Replacing bus glass
    - Selling bus glass
    - Selling all kinds of car glass
    - Metalwork for all kinds of vehicles
    - Paintwork for all kinds of vehicles
    - Painting your vehicles in a specialized chamber
    - Polishing your vehicles in a specialized chamber
    - Fixing bumpers
    - Welding car plastics (all kinds)


    Car service Pajkovic cooperates with INSURANCE companies and if you have their record you can repair your damages with us.


    We have a contract with "Dunav" insurance for car repair and glass replacement.


    We are guided by our motto: SPEED, QUALITY, EFFICIENCE!!!


    Come and see the quality of our services!