Address: 1 Karadjordjeva st. / 10 Djordja Kovacevica st., Lazarevac
Lazarevac Phone: +381 11 8122 372
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Photo Sale is a company whose premises are located at two addresses in Lazarevac:
Karađorđeva 1 in the center of the city and State. George Kovacevic 10 at the hospital.

Photo Chalet Lazarevac - for 4 decades with you!

We are engaged in the service industry such as:
  * Digital color printing
  * Black and white printing
  * Photocopying (black and white and in color)
  * Scanning at high resolution
  * Binding (paperback - spiral, and hard cover with gold print)
  * Printed on mugs, t-shirts, watches, puzzle-ies, substrates for
  * Stamps, facsimile, stamp, Datumar
  * Eco-solvent printing, large-format printing
  * Service to send data via fax or e-mail
  * Archiving of data in various formats to CD, DVD, USB Flash
     memory (micro) SD or MMC memory card
  * Web design (web sites and website)
  * Video production and video animation (making video presentations,
     video advertising and video content in other formats).