Address: 9 Karadjordjeva st., Lazarevac
Lazarevac Phone: +381 64 135 33 92
Phone 2: +381 65 812 36 78
4/ 5stars

Caffe 4 rooms located in the pedestrian zone of the main streets in Lazarevcu, the KARADJORDJEVA 9th

Coffee has two gardens, one located on the promenade of the main street and the other in an incredible natural environment, isolated from all kinds of noise and crowds.

The sumptuous canopy of conifers and centuries-old linden provide extraordinary experience of relaxation and enjoyment in the bottom of the garden Caffe 4 rooms.

Within the gardens there is a playroom for children with sandy playground, and during the summer organize gigs bands, DJs, performances, karaoke party, promotions, shows, tournaments table football, darts as well as overpriced sporting events on a big screen video.

The house in which there is a cafe of cultural and historical significance for the city, which proves the existence of memorials national hero, bste, thanksgiving and many other things that the current owner carefully guarded and nurtured not to forget and fail.

The rooms are unusual and different thematically arranged, in addition to the aforementioned values, adorn the walls and the very old and rare image as the nice and pleasant staff and good service makes something completely different.

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