Address: 7a Toplicka st., Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 36 313-313
Phone 2: +381 36 320-320
Phone 3: +381 66 313-313
4/ 5stars

"Zuti Taksi" (Yellow Taxi) in Kraljevo is an association which has for 20 years now provided services of safe passenger transport both in the streets and in the city region and in the territory of Serbia as well as in international traffic.

Safe and experienced drivers at the wheel, technically sound vehicles, air-conditioned, clean and comfortable as well as our excellent organization are the main reason our users are so satisfied and recommend us to all.

All our vehicles have GPS tracking and documentation for TAXI transportation which means they are insured during driving.

We provide affordable prices for drives over 10km long and return prices are always 50% off.