Address: 60 Brace Jevremovica st., Ibarska magistrala, Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 36 353 444
Phone 2: +381 63 353 444
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Agency for funeral services "TEMPLE" was established with headquarters in Kraljevo.

It is organized on the model of the worlds leading agencies for the provision of funeral services.

Our professionalism is our best advertisement!

Our customers continually transmitted the word about us and our professionalism, courtesy and kindness.

In the most difficult moments, when people were crushed with pain and grief for the deceased and where the responsibilities around the last farewell become a heavy burden, they organize the saddest act entrust us full confidence in our extensive professional experience.

We in the catering and UR "temple" of all these years trying to justify their trust placed in it and manage.

All of our services are in many ways unique.

For years we follow world trends in this area and the best we have successfully transferred to soil and our Serbian.

Call us by coming to your home address, you unload a large part of the obligations related to the act of organization and conducting of funerals funeral equipment available at any time of day or night, through the preparation of food to the funeral, panaija, cakes and valet service at funerals, MEMORIAL SERVICE offered by our trained staff.

It is important to transport deceased and service both at home and abroad at the best prices in well-equipped vehicles.

The satisfaction of our customers whom we are in the most difficult moments were there to relieve pain are our best advertisement.

In addition to the headquarters in Kraljevo, open the action and funeral equipment in Cacak, at Dragon 1, 32000 Cacak in which we offer the same quality of service.