Address: 225 Karadjordjeva st, Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 65 33 55 116
Phone 2: +381 36 355 116
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Beauty studio Dermo medika offers professional facial and body cosmetics by Thalgo.

Cosmetics Thalgo is a French professional cosmetics company that is based products based on algae and organic matter, with a wide range of products for all skin types.

What sets us apart from other salons in the region are:

- Treatment of epilation-permanent hair removal, capillary changes, photo rejuvenation, treatment of skin with acne ... IPL-om

- Carbo ll appliance that operates on the principles of CO2 beneficial to the veins, capillaries, sports injuries and relaxation of muscles, heavy legs, the diabetics ...

Seamlessly melt cellulite, fatty deposits, in-depth looks into the structure of cellulite.

Contributes to better overall mental and physical condition

- Japanese sauna used for detoxification, reduces fat, which leads to weight loss.

With Carbo treatments and saunas'll go lymph, anti-cellulite massage and wonderful massage and Thalgo pack the house for tightening and slimming.

- Treatment Hijaluronom performing aesthetic medical team from Belgrade.

In addition we also offer other traditional cosmetic services:

- waxing
- Manicure
- pedicure
- Make-up ...