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Address: 8 Breganilcka st., Kragujevac
Viber: 064-278-96-71
Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
Works out in the field Works out in the field
In business since: 11.2012.
Distance from the city center of Kragujevac: 1200 m

Veterinarian ambulance for pets “Medicus Vet” has been in business since November 2012.

Our kind staff of professionals are all dedicated to this beautiful and humane calling. For years we have taken care of the needs of pet owners and the health of their pets.

Medicus Vet provides the following services:

CLINICAL EXAMINATION for pets, DIAGNOSTICS, examinations  in an accredited laboratory, THERAPY for pets, SURGICAL interventions, VACCINATIONS for dogs and cats, veterinarian medicine and medical food.

In agreement with the staff of our ambulance, we come to your home address.

Due to the necessity for health standards, our ambulance will EXAMINE MEAT FOR TRICHINELLA.

Medicus Vet consults with professors at Veterinarian Medicine University for more complicated cases.

Veterinarian advice is free of charge.

Medicus Vet is also ON CALL for emergencies.

Working hours: Mon-Fri: 9AM – 8PM, Sat: 9AM – 4PM, Sun: 9AM – 1PM


VETERINARY AMBULANCE MEDICUS-VET, 8 Breganilcka st., Kragujevac
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