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Address: 19/1 27. marta st. TPC Radnicki, Kragujevac
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
In business since: 2001.

PINK TAXI is the most innovative company in the provision of taxi services.

Due to the development of new technology and fast living, in cooperation with AutoCab England, we have implemented in Serbia to start (coming soon in the region) is the best and fastest system ordering taxis.

Just order a vehicle through KABXAH is completely free.

The application does not carry any hidden costs to the end user.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with one of the leading companies in the world in terms of taxi management and dispatch Systems Auto Cab Pink Taxi has become one of the best taxi carriers in Serbia.

Special benefits for the company

If you are a legal entity and have a need for one or more vehicles with driver, taxi Pink offers a reliable, comfortable and financially very cost-effective way, far more efficient than the purchase of official vehicles or rent-a-car.

Pink taxi is an excellent choice for congress events, as well as all other mass events that require this type of service and a high degree of representativeness.

What distinguishes Pink taxi is the ability of a single account system run.

Voucher payment method allows deferred payment and delivery of complete documentation for each completed ride.

Depending on the type, scope and duration of services can be achieved and appropriate discounts

Services for individuals

As a private individual, you are offered a similar system of cooperation.

Pink taxi allows you to open account and pay a prepaid amount of city driving for you or any other person that you import from your account.

In addition to transportation, Pink taxi offers and services:

- Courier (you can send the consignment to 50 kg weight)
- Advertising (on large areas on the roof of the taxi vehicles, inside and through flyers in the vehicle)

KABX taxi application

PROFI PINK TAXI, 19/1 27. marta st. TPC Radnicki, Kragujevac
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