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Auto parts Kragujevac

Address: 201 Uzicke republike st., Kragujevac
Viber: 069/343-30-30
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
In business since: 2010.
Through an administrative ban / installment

Car rental center Maci S settles your car on a turn-key.
We can provide services:

- Mechanics, sheet metal, auto glass, interior
- All kinds of oil, filters, belt, plate
- All kinds of mechanic services
- Car diagnostics
- Service car air
- All kinds of mechanic services
- Painting, polishing and painting of vehicles (standard painting vehicles and watercolors)
- All kinds of auto sheet metal work
- Cleaning of injectors (gas, methane gas, petrol)
- Deep cleaning of the passenger, and cargo programs poluteretnog vehicles
- Sales of new and used car parts with installation

With maxi car for your car warranty on a great service even 50 000km.

We have the most advanced digital preparation station, painting chamber and other premium paint equipment and tools, which use the highest quality paints, varnishes and other materials guarantee the quality, durability and high gloss painted surfaces.

If you have a problem with the car remained on the road, we have a solution for it.

Given that we are one of the largest auto centers in Serbia, we are proud and car rental agencies operating in the Maxi Car With auto center.

In addition to Auto Service, and all of the services we provide, we also offer transport Maxi Taxi-ing wherever it is needed at any time. Comfortable safe, with professional drivers.

We provide services outside Serbia.

Auto Service - Car Hire - Taxi Service

All in one place for you to have car center Maxi Car.
We respect our clients, come and see our quality.

CAR CENTER MAXI CAR, 201 Uzicke republike st., Kragujevac
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