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  • SMALL CARS 034

    Second hand car shops Kragujevac

    Address: nn Kraljevackog Bataljona st., Kragujevac

    Our company "Small cars 034" has years of tradition behind it. We work in importing and exporting vehicles to and from EU countries.


    We are direct importers and have a great selection of good quality cars and light delivery vehicles.


    Company with years-long tradition "Small cars 034" works in importing and selling vehicles from EU countries.


    All the vehicles have been shipped and quality-checked at our service and have a receipt of working order from the AMSS.


    We organize vehicle transportation from EU countries to Serbia.


    We can attest your vehicles for liquid oil gas TNG and CNG.


    We provide trial plates and technical examination.


    We can install double button commands for driving schools and for disabled drivers.


    Transporting the vehicle to the buyer.


    You're in the right place!