Address: 19 Dunavska st., Kovin
Kovin Phone: +381 13 741 353
Phone 2: +381 63 256 312
Fax: +381 13 742 180
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It is the southernmost municipality in Vojvodina, the municipality is situated on the main road Belgrade-Pancevo Smederevo, on the left bank of the Danube. Location and proximity to the river Deliblatska sand, with plenty of greenery and space for walking and running, with accompanying infrastruktuom and sports facilities, providing excellent conditions for living and for athletes.

Catering facility "Flame-City" is located in the archaeological site of old town, in a park of 2 hectares. The distance from the city center, about 2 miles away, but well connected to all sports facilities and sports hall. In the park, in front of the building, is a unique model of the mouth of the Danube to the Tisza River hydroelectric Iron Gate.

The building itself has a capacity of 68 beds in the structure of 1 to 5 beds and 3 suites. Each room has a TV, air conditioning Besplatnie wi-fi. Food portion is composed of 3 parts, thus giving the opportunity for seminar or group work, the total capacity is 250 seats. Property has an open garden and cafe.

Near the football field FK Workers, and the city sports facilities and sports hall, gym ...
At a distance of about 1 km is a public beach, an artificial lake Gravel.