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Hair-styling salons Jagodina

Address: 13/1 Kralja Petra st., 1st floor, Jagodina
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In business since: 2011.

Brazilian blow dry:

The Brazilian Blow Dry (straightening) is among the best treatments that exist in the market.

Gives the best effect that lasts the longest.

Brazilian treatment is great for curly, wavy, dry, damaged, colored hair that is already being treated for correction.

The effect of the Brazilian blow-drying can take up to 6 months.

Precautions must be met in order to receive a fair treatment and the full effect.

After treatment keratin hair washing is not allowed for at least the next 72 hours.

Not allowed to bind the hair or use hairpin, even putting hair behind her ears.

The hair must not get wet, sweat, they must avoid physical activity.

Immediately dry your hair dryer and iron if it gets wet in the first 4 days.

It is also suitable wash with shampoo without sulfates, in order to extend the lifetime of treatment.

As each treatment and keratin treatment can cause allergic reactions in some people as itching, rash.

Be sure to tell your hairdresser that you are allergic to certain substances.


Velaterapia haircut candle is a worldwide hit.

Your waterless hair that grows slowly and steadily unravels now can grow undisturbed that your hair is shiny, soft and neispucala.

This method of thermal cutting hair comes from Brazil is designed for slopes that very slow growing and very often chapped or destroyed permanent hair treatment.

If you like long shiny hair at the Victorias Secret Angels and many other celebrity figures this is the right treatment for you, as well as those using the service.

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HAIR SALON LADY GAGA, 13/1 Kralja Petra st., 1st floor, Jagodina
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