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    Doors and windows Jagodina

    We produce and sell:
    - PVC joinery
    - ALU joinery
    - ALU and PVC blinds
    Venetian blinds
    - Safety doors
    - Mosquito nets
    - ALU blinds
    - Wooden room doors and accessories

    Safety doors

    Our safety doors are the optimal solution for entrance apartment doors with the best price to quality ratio.

    In addition to a beautiful design, they are characterized by excellent sound and thermal isolation and especially the safety aspect.

    Mosquito nets

     Mosquito nets are the most ecologically sound and efficient way to protect yourself from insects, unlike chemical means which evaporate and can be inhaled by children and animals. They can be fitted on any kind of opening or renovated buildings, on doors, windows and aluminum balcony doors. 

    In our work we use only the highest quality elements which allow for long-lasting and efficient protection against insects. Mosquito nets are made using high quality fiberglass fiber that is resistant to temperatures between -35-80 degrees as well as UV sun rays.

    The infrastructure is made out of aluminum or PVC and has several functional systems in various colors.

    We make the following mosquito net systems:
    - Roll-up mosquito nets
    - Fixated mosquito nets
    - Adhering mosquito nets.

    Aluminum and PVC blinds

    Aluminum blinds are the highest quality protection against sunlight and they also work as sound and heat isolation. They can be installed along with the windows (recommended) or afterward.

    The lamellas of the blinds are aluminum, filled with polyurethane foam to secure maximum heat and sound isolation, window protection and color durability.

    They also provide: high static durability, increased burglary protection, beautiful design with elegant lines. All blinds have their own mechanism for raising and lowering.

    Visit our stores and our kind and professional staff will help you make the best choice.

    Hram Plus
    Hram Plus - PVC joinery 

    See our prices HERE