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    Cosmetics salons Jagodina

    Address: 4/1 Brace Milosavljevica st., Jagodina
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 2002.

    Professional makeup artist Jasmina Lazic (ex Pesic) made a real art of doing their job.

    Professional makeup will make your face look flawless in every moment during the ceremony attend.

    Services that are available in our showroom:

    - Makeup Artist
    - Nail extension
    - Pedicure manicure
    - Cosmetic facial and body treatments
    - Hair Removal
    - 3D lashes

    Briefly about Japanese drawing eyebrows

    Currently, the most popular method of permanent makeup is a Japanese method of drawing eyebrows.

    Does not create the effect of evening makeup already removes the shortcomings of your natural brows and improves their natural look.

    Existing eyebrows is not plucked, but in places where the eyebrows ceased to grow, where they are less frequent, docrtavaju hairs and gently correcting the shape and color of eyebrows.

    Courses for all types of makeup.

    Professional Makeup Course

    Express your creativity and do the job that fills you.

    Course how to make up for yourself

    Learn to point out the best on yourself and correct shortcomings.

    Individual makeup lessons

    For all those who want to learn, but at the time when they are most suitable for them.