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    Butchers, meat products Jagodina

    Address: 57 Kneza Lazara st., Jagodina

    Butchery and barbecue “Izgubljeno jagnje” is located in the center of Jagodina, at 57 Kneza Lazara street and offers a huge selection of high quality and fresh meat:

    - Patty
    - Stuffed patty
    - Cevap
    - Shish cevap
    - Leskovac fritters
    - Chicken leg
    - Stuffed chicken leg
    - Chicken breast
    - Rolled chicken breast
    - Chicken wings
    - Chicken kebab
    - white hanger
    - Rolled chicken liver
    - Fresh sausage
    - Pork kebab
    - Pork chop
    - Pork neck
    - And much more...

    We also sell barbecue from a window as well as offer service barbecue grilling for all of your celebrations.

    Come and see that we are the best. Welcome!

    For more information and orders, contact us via our listed phone numbers.